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Ratan Tata funded Generic Aadhar launches its mobile app version

Industrialist Ratan Tata launches Generic Aadhaar mobile app to help customers get fastest delivery of medicines from nearest drug retail stores from across India


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Industrialist Ratan Tata recently launched Generic Aadhaar’s mobile app to help customers get the fastest delivery of medicines from the nearest drug retail stores from across India.

While lauding the efforts of Generic Aadhaar Founder Arjun Deshpande in reaching out to 100 plus cities through its generic drug retail stores in the country, Ratan Tata said, “We need to be concerned about the health of our people. It’s good that we are now reaching the masses and providing affordable generic medicines through Generic Aadhaar drug retail outlets across the country.

Generic medicines will uplift the healthcare capability of the country. I hope this trend of providing affordable generic medicines will grow over the years.”

Ratan Tata funded Generic Aadhar launches its mobile app version

The generic Aadhaar mobile application is aimed at empowering healthcare across India digitally. This is a dream project of founder Arjun Deshpande in making India a better place for lifesaving generic drugs and also to reduce the Indian family’s monthly budget of medicine.

The common man is unaware of the fact that generic medicines are equally as efficacious as branded medicines. Branded medicine is expensive due to its high marketing and promotional strategies to maximize its sale in the market towards earning high margins.

When the entire world was hit by the COVID 19 wave, Generic Aadhaar extended support to the drug retail stores and recorded to reach 100 plus cities across India in just 4 months span to provide affordable medicines to the common man during the pandemic.

However, due to the high competition of online pharmacies and big medical malls, these single retailers pan India were losing the race to survive in the Indian pharma market. Generic Aadhaar is the only company which don not only own their sole store but is empowering single-store owners to be entrepreneurs.

Some of the key features of Generic Aadhaar’s mobile application is that it can upload prescription and place an order, deliver the medicine from the nearest Generic Aadhar franchise store, get updates of orders through notifications, and also searches the medicine with their names to be further added to the cart. Besides this, it is fast and easy to operate the app and can be freely downloaded from play stores.

On the occasion, Generic Aadhaar Founder Arjun Deshpande said, “Today we have launched the Generic Aadhaar’s Mobile Application with innovative features.

Through my innovative pharma venture, I appeal to the youngsters to think innovative to be the job creator and boost the Indian economy besides also extending full support to the women entrepreneurs to join our venture Generic Aadhar.

Generic Aadhaar is an Indian Pharma Company providing affordable generic medicines pan India through its drug retail stores. As per statistics, about 60% of Indians cannot afford to buy their daily medicines. Gauging the market requirements, its founder Arjun Deshpande has set his eyes on the untapped market with the sole mission of making medicines available to every Indian.

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