The Religious Freedom Bill passed by the Rajasthan Assembly back in 2008, went for forbidding coercive religious changes, was returned by the Union government as it strayed from the national strategy and this is shocking amidst the recent “Padmavati” row where the state has already banned the film and the center did not even question and on this pending bill the so-called conservationists BJP led centre is helping its state govt in Rajasthan as well as Chhatisgarh which shows their unjustified double standards.

The Rajasthan government educated the High Court on Tuesday that the Bill was pending with the Center. As per the Union Home Ministry, the Bill was sent back for “encourage elucidations.” The State government has said that it reminded the Center in June to clear the pending Bill.

The Bill characterized “change” as “repudiating one’s own religion and embracing another” through “fake signifies” or some other “fake creation.”


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