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About Us

NIS At this group, we believe in leading the confluence of the Fourth and Fifth Estate(s).

“Swift in action & change, yet, firm in values & passion”.

In tune with the trend of digitization- We’re pivoting to digital viewers, actively involving our readers and propelling a networked, participatory news agenda.

Our creatively distinct articles encourage readers to interact, engage and share; especially the Made-In-Bharat categories like- Cyber-Samvad,  Jan Sansad,  Analysis, Vande Mataram, PanchTantra, Eng. Desk & Trigger News. 

Our journalism isn’t just influential or controversial, It’s open and authentic. We steer clear of Tabloid or Yellow journalism and bring forth indispensable news.

This platform takes crucial narratives to a wider audience and we invest in evolving this relationship. It is where we tell the stories that must be told!

An organization of conscience, “A Symbol of Boldness“.

The NIS Group also publishes a Hindi Weekly, Hindi Daily & English Weekly, English Daily Newspaper.