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How to safeguard yourself during Holi from Corona-Virus ?

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Around, 39 cases of coronavirus have been reported in India this month. However, the corona-virus scare has been equally hampering the Holi celebrations and we can see the crowd drifting towards pharmaceutical shops more for extra protection from the pandemic disease spread. But, you and your family are free to enjoy the Holi if you mind the precautions by the Ministry of Health Affairs and also the Who.


The virus is spreading globally at a faster rate and according to World Health Organization, if you are travelling to the affected countries, you should take elicit precautions which ensures hygiene and keeping a tab on your health for at-least a tenure of 14 days. If the temperature drops below the benchmark 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are 5 Effective tips that will keep you safe and healthy during COVID-19 :

1. Avoid Crowded Places

Easier said than done. Today’s fast life demands a lot of travelling for work and family. However, the spread of novel coronavirus can only be stopped by effective control of the pandemic threat through congested surroundings. This Holi, celebrate the occasion moderately and do not be scared of a rumour of water balloons packed from China, it is not how the disease spreads.

2. Wash your Hands Frequently

Whenever, you are outside trying to wash your hands with a sanitizer containing 45-65% alcohol, after Holi celebrations, try to wash your hands properly with a proper sterilizer and use Herbal colours for the festival to avoid any skin allergies.

3. Nourish Your body with proper nutrients

It is necessary to drink right this summer to make yourself immune to the pandemic disease and try to drink lemon juice or Vitamin-c rich fruits every morning to have the capacity to fight against the disease. It is advisable to drink lots of water along with nutrition loaded fruits to enhance your immune system provocatively.

4. Myths busted about the N-95 masks!

The World Health Organization has stressed the proper handwashing hygiene frequently, instead of wearing the surgical masks. The surgical masks are for the usage of sick patients and it will ultimately lead to the shortage of the masks because of the rush of using it and you can play Holi in a moderate circle safely.

5. Can Summer temperatures reduce the growth of the Corona spread?

It is assured yet by the scientists that the virus cannot survive in the Eastern temperatures, however, doctors indicated that the virus cannot survive in temperatures above 26-27 degree celsius. Since common fever-like cold or fever can not dissipate on temperatures above 27 degrees, it is expected that the virus can spread less.

Despite the outbreak of the COVID-19, the spirit of Holi is not less celebrated and as Indians, we should withhold the positivity of our culture and festivities no matter how much the stringent situation of our country is. The Prime minister and all the Health officials have already notified to avoid congested celebrations in the capital also, the prayers with the affected individuals who are fighting for their life for the COVID-19 spread. It is advised to all the families to enjoy the festival of colours with sheer precautions as stated by the Health Department and the ministry.

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