YOUTUBESHY GIRL SPEAKS is a channel run by 17-year-old Poorvee. She is a girl who likes to express herself and her channel represents who she is and as the name suggests it talks about the struggles of shy people.

1. Tell us something about you and your channel like when you started it? How this idea came into your mind? What is the reason behind choosing a platform like youtube where you are open to millions of people?

I always wanted to start a channel because I had a few thoughts which I did not want to express in writing. Usually, I write as well but there were somethings that I wanted to speak up about.

Through this I just wanted people to relate to and I just took topics from my own experiences something which I experience daily and I used to prepare talk from that. My channel as the name says shy girl speaks it’s about how shy people see the world and not dominantly shy people but I like to talk about the other side like people just like to draw conclusions about shy people and everything but I didn’t want that to happen and someone needs to speak up so I thought why not me hence I made up this channel.


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