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Bois Locker Room is extremely offensive but Misogyny on Social Media thrives every day and we need to talk 


Bois Locker Room, an Instagram private group made by a group of Teenage School Boys is getting counterblast all over social media for their offensive and detestable activities. Several of the group chats were made viral on social media where they were talking about minor girls in the most degrading way, posting their private photos and profiles without their consent and objectifying their bodies, slut-shaming them and even making suggestions to assault, rape and even to gangrape them and being serious about it.

The worse is that after getting exposed, these boys did not even have any remorse for their actions. Instead, they had the audacity to threaten to leak nude/morphed photos of a group of girls who leaked those chats and made them viral on social media to teach them a lesson for what they call as trying to become a massive feminist.

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